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Do most coding in AS2. I can use AS3 just as well, I just find AS2 more forgiving and more fun to mess around with. I normally make more engines than full games, just testing what I can do :)

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Posted by 51lver - August 1st, 2011

So I set myself a goal to complete a game by the end of the summer, however thinking of an idea not too complex to take me longer, but complex enough to have some fun in playing it took longer than I thought!

However! I now have and idea and have started doing some of the animations for the enemies, I also have a small plan of what the game will look like when it's done :)


Game to be finished by summer's end!

Posted by 51lver - August 20th, 2010

The first thing I've been working on for a while but not much time really, just an hour or so a day, is a tile-based platformer. The most recent thing was springy platforms, kinda like trampolines.
Easy controls:
Left/right to run, Up to jump, Up + left/right when on a wall to wall jump.
Still glitchy but I'll get round to fixing it.

Next is a very old game, very similar to the above one, with some playable levels (and a save game feature). I might possibly combine them sometime soon.
Platformer 2
The idea in this one is to get the stars to Unlock the electric doors, then get to the exit.
left/right to move
Up to jump
R to reset
P to pause.
Space to enter doors

I also have a tower defence game on the way, but that's not really at a stage to be shown, it's all muddley code for now with bits working and bits not!

Finally I've recently started working on a physics based bumper boats/racing game. That I have a billion ideas for!
Bumpers Boats
Arrow keys to move (click the screen and move around) the blue ones target you for now, in the game they'll have a goal to reach (checkpoints or whatever in a race)

Posted by 51lver - August 5th, 2010

So I've been away from Newgrounds for a long time. But I think I've missed you guys, so for some weird reason I've started coming back to visit you....and hopefully release another game (a good one this time).

Got two under construction at the moment, a tower defence, because I know you all love them, and a platformer with a load of enemies and fun stuff.

Posted by 51lver - July 23rd, 2009

I will personally give you $1000 if you manage to complete the FINAL level of my latest game
Shape Defence.

I will only send you the money once you have PROVEN you have completed the FINAL level with a screen shot of the completion screen.

Good Luck

Posted by 51lver - May 25th, 2009

A Random Collection Of My Unfinished Work

||===AS 2.0===||

I work in AS 2.0 most of the time as I learnt this first and AS 3.0 doesn't seem much different.

this was a random test of random movement.
each bug assigns itself a random colour, it then chooses a random co-ordinate and turns to move towards it, then at a random time interval chooses another random co-ordinate and repeats over and over.

Tower Defence
A standard tower defence begginings, just click one of the two available towers at the bottom of the screen then place them on the screen by clicking again, the enemies never stop, you can select each tower to view its stats int he bottom right

Just click to fire arrows

drag his head around to throw him

Jelly Ground
Arrow keys to move, up to jump
the ground wobbles when you land, a random test, never really was going to go anywhere

IK Chain
Move the mouse around to let the chain folow you, and the ball bounces off the chain

Space Game
Up arrow to move, left and right arrows to turn
the planets will pull you close with their gravitational pull, which is corresponding to their sizes

Standard Platformer
double jumping
wall jumping
water(with bubbles) and the water wobbles, in a similar way to jelly ground (see above)
turrets that fire homing missiles(they make the water wobble too)
left/right arrows to move, up to jump, up to double jump, up to wall jump

should probably finish this sometime

Rally Car
Up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to decellerate
all the ground is randomly generated and done in AS, car rotates to the surface, not a ver good engine, but oh well, dead end project

Ball Collisions
25 balls randomly placed bouncing off each other and around the screen

Zombie Defence
random zombie game with appauling graphics :P
arrow keys/WASD to move click to fire flame thrower, ignore the random explosion :P
and no you can't kill the enemies :P
might finish this sometime, need an artist though

Rope Swinging
Click to fire a rope to swing from
up to move up the rope
down to move down the rope
left/right arrows to move on the ground
click to release the rope
not very polished....probably wont finish

Ball To Shape Collisions
Click to add to the stage for the ball to bounce off, this took a while to make it work in a way i liked, however i'm happy with the final result
Space clears the screen

||===AS 3.0===||

I didn't work very much with this, gone back to AS 2.0 now, might come back to AS 3.0 later, but it didn't seem good enough to be worth the switch over.

3D Ball
Arrow keys to move
the ball starts in the bottom left hand corner so you have to go up and right to move
and it has a kinda 3D-ish feel to it

Bouncy Ball
up to bounce higher
left and right arrows to move left and right
the ball bounces lots basically :P

left/right arrows to move, up to jump
standard platformer, not very interesting

Similar to the space link above in AS 2.0
the planets are attracted towards each other using physics :)


Stick Fight
A random stick fight, not exactly good, and no-where near finished

DBZ game......
some of the animations for a DBZ game i was going to make, but got bored and moved on to something different.

thats it, all the work that i felt was kinda worth showing, enjoy

feel free to criticize, but i probably wont care too much, as most of these i'll never come back to, and a few are quite old too

or if you're an artist and like the feel of an engine and want to make it look good too, contact me and i might be interested to make a game with you

Posted by 51lver - March 15th, 2009

has a 1337 score, and then the final score when i died.......

the dart launcher is AMAZING

1337 score in Thing Thing Arena 3

Posted by 51lver - October 16th, 2008

wanna play???


the link is down there a bit....


and on my first ever submission xD

Posted by 51lver - September 24th, 2008

radioactive meteor game you say??


well planet earth will get fuck over by this huge meteor(that turns out to be a random alien spaceship) and you're this average teenager who gets radioactive fucked on the landing of this huge meteor.

and you have to go around jumping on the midget aliens kinda supah mario stylish. and you gain their radioactivity and have loads of fun with it :) because you cab use it to go WOW and be able to jump higher run faster and have a random red aura around you.. [: then you make your way to the HUGE meteor(that is actually a space ship) and kick the big alien's ass somehow...after defeating all his mini bosses along the way??

sound goood yes!!!????