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Game to be finished by summer's end!

2011-08-01 08:36:27 by 51lver

So I set myself a goal to complete a game by the end of the summer, however thinking of an idea not too complex to take me longer, but complex enough to have some fun in playing it took longer than I thought!

However! I now have and idea and have started doing some of the animations for the enemies, I also have a small plan of what the game will look like when it's done :)


Game to be finished by summer's end!


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2011-08-01 13:18:54

It looks .. pretty good but I do not take so long .... have you thought about you ?..... help prensten I I offer in the artistic side I hope you do well in your project

51lver responds:

wow, you just need to learn how to spell/type.
But from what I can gather from your comment is that you want to offer to do the art? Well thank you but no thanks. This is going to be a solo project and for once I've started enjoying doing the animation :)


2013-09-09 20:40:19

Hello, I saw your post about the slope detection and all on a forum a while back.

I was wondering if you could share how you got the player rotation to be on the ground so smoothly? I am struggling with this.